Tweaking Themes and Templates

The “Editor” section found under the “Appearance” tab on the WordPress dashboard is where the coding in the templates of your current theme can can changed or adjustments made to the original theme.  The style.css is where I changed all the hover links, the first letter in the title, post heading, heading and background.  I used a hexadecimal coding system to represent the color chosen (#75001f/burgundy; #fff/white, and #444/dark gray).  Some of the coding places that this color was change was incorporated (h1: first letter to white, navigation li a: hover to burgundy, and .site-content a to white) in various places.

There is a warning that goes with tweaking an original theme, and that is WordPress updates to the original theme could cause all of the modifications to be lost. There is a remedy for this.  The recommendation is to set up a child theme within the parent theme making the child theme the last theme to be read.  According to WordPress for Dummies, “CSS rules state that the last instruction takes precedence.”