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A Visual Perception

This iBooks project was based on the Gestalt principles of grouping.  These principles are organized into five different categories: Similarity, Proximity, Closure, Continuity, and Connectedness (figure/ground).  Gestalt is German for “unified whole” and it is the human perception the sum of the parts equal the whole.

Proximity Example Image

       Proximity Example

As you can see from the proximity example on the right, your eyes will perceive either columns or rows depending upon the distance of the blue circles to each other.

I was able to add a number of interactive segments to this iBook project with use of iBooks Author.  This project comprises of a swipe gallery, scrolling sidebar, popover, and rolodex widgets.  

The rolodex widget was a great way to demonstrate business cards made using the Gestalt Principles and one single geometric shape, the triangle.  Here are a few examples of the business cards within the rotating rolodex.