A cinemagraph is a still photograph in which a minor part is in repetitive motion.  It uses a video captured with a DSLR camera or even a cell phone.  They can be created in photoshop using a loop for the repeated motion with special attention to make the first and last frame exactly the same.

A good link I have found to be helpful in creating these cinemagraphs is by Phlearn at


Repurposing Print Projects and iBooks Author

You can see my iBooks project at

This week we were introduced to digital publications and how to create one using iBooks Author.  The assignment was a 10-page project to be created in iBooks Author.  After starting the project, it appeared to be as simple to use as PowerPoint with its drag and drop method to embed images and media.  Widgets can be used to implement the structure of iBook’s title page, chapters, sections, and pages. (more…)

3D Image Capture

This week I used a MakerBot scanner to scan an 3D image of a vintage “Brownie Camera” I had when I was growing up.  I first scanned it using the option for a darker image, and while it was better than the one I uploaded for the final product, they both had the appearance of melting wax.

I also used another scanner (3D System Sense) that is capable of scanning full body images, head shots, and other objects from small to large.  I scanned an Ostrich egg and an Emu egg.

Both of my scans are primitive, but it was a great experience to be able to use either scanner and upload them to Sketchfab.

by 1hutch
on Sketchfab