WordPress for Publishing

WordPress, as a content management system (CMS), can serve anyone looking to publish online, from those familiar with html code to a novice/newbie wishing to publish content on the web.  As an open source CMS software system, anyone can publish content for personal, organizational, or business purposes.  It is possible to construct content as a blog, website or both.

Some of the features WordPress has that makes it suitable for publishing content is the ability to create posts, accept comments, add static pages, forms, plugins and all types of rich media within a user friendly system.

Posts are content which can be organized by category, keyword, or date and can be archived.  Media is organized and maintained in the media library and is considered to be anything such as videos, audio, and images that add depth and contribute to the delivery of the message. Pages help organize content as individual static screens with their own URL assigned.  Content is the whole package of information that is published including posts, comments, links, and media.  

With almost everything accessible on your WordPress dashboard it is easy to organize and customize your site.  The best way to organize and maintain your publications on WordPress is through the use of categories as a parent/child relationship.  Static pages may be setup as a main title with sub-titles sequentially.