A cinemagraph is a still photograph in which a minor part is in repetitive motion.  It uses a video captured with a DSLR camera or even a cell phone.  They can be created in photoshop using a loop for the repeated motion with special attention to make the first and last frame exactly the same.

A good link I have found to be helpful in creating these cinemagraphs is by Phlearn at


3D Image Capture

This week I used a MakerBot scanner to scan an 3D image of a vintage “Brownie Camera” I had when I was growing up.  I first scanned it using the option for a darker image, and while it was better than the one I uploaded for the final product, they both had the appearance of melting wax.

I also used another scanner (3D System Sense) that is capable of scanning full body images, head shots, and other objects from small to large.  I scanned an Ostrich egg and an Emu egg.

Both of my scans are primitive, but it was a great experience to be able to use either scanner and upload them to Sketchfab.

by 1hutch
on Sketchfab