Designing content is my passion. The design can be just as powerful as the words and images used to convey the impact of the message.  Vice versa, words and the message can make a lasting impression when expressed in the right framework. Whether it is telling a story, relaying a message, selling a product, conveying a business strategy, or something as simple as a quote requires the right design.

Capture the user’s attention before they take the exit URL ramp to another website. It takes less than a minute, in fact seconds, to make a first impression. A design should be representative of the impression you would like to make.

I started this website in a class taken for digital publications, and I found WordPress to be an exciting way to be able to change the look and feel of a website.  Categories, custom posts, featured images, and post formats have been incorporated into this site to create a portfolio and blog pages.  Coding my own site from scratch has been a rewarding experience. 

Fashions and designs are always changing over time, and as my tagline conveys, changing or adding content for this portfolio will be always evolving.