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iBooks Project

A Visual Perception

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The book is based on the Gestalt principles.  These principles define how humans perceive the different grouping of objects, such as proximity, similarity, closure, continuation, symmetry/good form, and figure/ground.

Website Designs

Shallow Depth of Field

3 Dimensional Photoshop

This chess piece was made using the 3 dimensional option in Photoshop.  The challenge was to use two predefined shapes (I chose the sphere and triangle) and one custom designed.

The irregular shape was drawn in Illustrator and then opened in Photoshop applying the 360 degree option to make the hollow cone and stem shape for the neck of the chess piece.


3d image



Opryland Resort


Dixie the Animated Bunny

“Rational thoughts never drive people’s creativity the way emotions do.”

Neil deGrasse Tyson

EPUBs, Interactive PDF, and Tablet Apps

InDesign can export publications in EPUB, Interactive PDF, and tablet application formats using Digital Publishing Suite (DPS).  There are some major differences between EPUB, interactive PDF, and DPS.  EPUB is reflowable in e-readers, while PDF content is a fixed layout.  DPS is frequently used to publish digital magazines and periodicals.  It can have scrolling text options, pop-ups options with in-depth descriptions, and live/static HTML interactions.  The big difference with DPS is that it is the final document format is an app. (more…)